Somthing new Learning to love my hair

So I am working through this whole "go natural" and rock it with confidence thing. Well this has made me think about the movie "Something New" With Sanaa Lathan. If you saw this movie then you remember the scene where Sanaa's love interest tells her that he would like to see her real hair and then Sanaa takes out her weave and her love interest who happens to be a white man loves it so much. Her African American Love interest on the other hand wants her to put the weave back in. Well I must admit that my Husband loves my hair, but I have had a few white men hit on me sense my weave is out! For whatever reason white men like the natural hair and black men may prefer a weave. Is it that they somewhere subconsciously want a white woman? I am not saying that that is the answer but I am saying that that could be a strong possibility. Whatever black men want is what they want and I am happy to know that my black man wants me! And I am happy to be able to say that with confidence! Anyway enough with my monolauge.....All I can say now is that every week that passes I become more comfortable with my hair. I am experiencing baby steps. I am learning to love myself and my hair and I hope that I can encourage you to grow your natural hair out and rock it love it and love you!


Why do I feel ugly when I take out my weave?

I just wanted to get my readers feel about weaves.

Now I am the first to tell you that I LOVE weaves! They have been a great way for me to grow out my hair. My hair is strong and healthy and I am so happy with the condition of my hair. But here lies the problem.

Why is it that the moment you take out you weave you feel less attractive. You feel like your beauty is determined by the artificial hair that you have in your hair. Now maybe this is just me and please let me know if that is the case. Right now I have no weave (as you can obveously see in the pic =). I have used wonderful products (miss Jessies Curly Buttercreme) that have made it look amazing! But for some reason I am not feeling as attractive as I usually do. Why do I feel like I need a Beyonce lace front wig to be beautiful. I should look at myself in the mirror and think WOW! Right?

Then I think about my daughter. Was I teaching her to hate her beautiful natural hair by wearing weaves? Like any child she wants to do what her mother does and if her mom has a weave guess what she wanted...a weave. She didn't get one because she is far too young for that.

Well now I am rocking it natural and I do like it but there is still something in the back of my mind that is telling me that I need to have long hair to be beautiful. Has anyone else felt that way before? Let me know


Good local beauty supply store hair

sensationnel hair, milky way hair, tree braids, braid DVD, hair, human hair
sensationnel hair, milky way hair, tree braids, braid DVD, hair, human hair
So you are thinking about getting tree braid? You are asking yourself what brand of human hair to get. You don't want to get the hair online (even though that is my favorite way to purchase hair) you want to get it from your local beauty supply store (LBSS).

My two favorite Human hair brands that can be purchased from your LBSS.
Milky Way hair

Let me know how these brands work for you