Tree Braid Questions

Here is another question from one of my readers:

Question 1 : I saw these pictures on your blog. I really liked it and decided to get some but I wanted you to answer a few questions before I let someone (other then you) do my tree braids...

Question 2 :Are they hard to maintain?

No I think that they are quite easy to maintain. I tell my clients to wrap it at night and wash it ever 2 weeks or so with a waterless shampoo or sea breeze.

Question 3 : About How long do they take?

They take me approximately 4 hours

Question 4: What is the price range for tree braids?

Between $160-$200

Question 5 : Do you do them yourself?

Any braided style that you see on my blog or at are done by me personally.

Does the hair cover up the braids so they are not seen?



How many packs of Kanekalon hair should I use for my cornrows?


I am getting my hair braided with individuals in the back and a row of cornrows in the front. My head is big and I want to know how many packs of 100% kanekalon hair should I bring.


If I did your hair and I was doing the feed in cornrows I would use 2-3 packs of hair.