Why does Kristen Lock like His and her brand hair?

Brittany's Question:

What kind of hair do you think is the best to get when trying to achieve the wet and wavy sort of curly hair look when doing tree braids? What exact type and brand.

This is the link to the hair that I think is the best:

If you don't want to pay for this one I would recommend this one:

The reason I like this hair so much is because the quality of hair that you get for the price is great. If you go to your local beauty supply store you will get hair that is inferior in quality and the price will be just as much or maybe even more. Basically you can get the his and her hair including the shipping fees for less then the hair you would get at the local beauty supply store, and the hair quality will be better! Times are hard so save your money and get quality hair at


At September 27, 2009 at 11:09 AM , Blogger Chantal Dixon said...

After reading your post I went and checked out the his and her site. I looked at the european wave hair you suggested, but I also found the french refined 50% mink hair which mimics my mixed grade hair best. However I wanted to know, is it a good idea to get the french refined 50% mink since my hair already pretty soft and fine? My concern is the ability of the micro braids to stay in my hair. I was told by a braider that I can't use silky hair because my hair is soft and the braids would slip out. What do you think?

At September 27, 2009 at 1:20 PM , Blogger kdevereaux said...

From Kristen Lock:

Well I do think think that if the hair is too silky that it will cause it to slip more so then if the hair was more course. So if I were you I would go with something that is not too silky but not too course either. Your braider is just going to have to affix the hair to your hair real well to ensure that there will be minimal slipping. I hope that my comment is able to help you achieve the look you want! Thanks for checking out my blog!

Kristen Lock


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