How can hair be regrown

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ISHRS Press Release

From Laboratory Research to New Techniques in the Surgical Clinic: Why Is Hair Lost? How Can Hair Be Regrown? What Are the Best Approaches to Hair Restoration?

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Meets in New York October 15-19 to Discuss Advances in the Science and Art of Hair Restoration

NEW YORK - Look at the pictures on ancient Greek vases or at the sculpted busts of eminent ancient Romans and you can see that baldness is not a new experience in human history. We recognize Socrates and Julius Caesar as men with typical male-pattern hair loss. We can presume that they were representative of men of their times who had inherited male-pattern baldness. If male-pattern male loss was as common in men 2,000 years ago as it is today, we can also presume that women of those times were as likely to have thinning hair as do women in 2003.

From ancient times to the near present, loss of scalp hair was a fact of life. Only within the past half-century has there been a choice to live with hair loss, or do something to halt it, reverse it, or replace it. We can wonder what Socrates and Julius Caesar would have done, if they had such a choice.

In 2003, there are options to consider for (1) halting hair loss, (2) reversing hair loss, and (3) restoring hair to areas where it was lost.

Advancements in the science and art of hair restoration surgery are being discussed in New York this week at the 11th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). The ISHRS, the world's largest organization of hair restoration physicians and surgeons with members in 45 countries, is meeting October 15-19 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

Features of the program include presentations of original scientific and clinical papers, plenary sessions, discussion panels, postgraduate courses, live surgery workshops, exhibits, and programs for surgical assistants.

"We anticipate one of the highest attendance rates is our history in recognition of the exponential growth of technologies," said ISHRS President Robert S. Haber, MD, South Euclid, OH. "No other meeting in the world will offer the full spectrum of hair restoration advancements, presented by the most respected members of our community, both clinical and research."


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