Tree Braids with clients hair out in front

Tree braids
Tree braidsVisit me at to learn how to get my DVD that will teach you how to do many of the techniques you see here on my blog.

Here is a client who requested that I leave some of her real hair out of the braid so that she could achieve a certain look. We used 24 inch 1B hair made by Outre Premium New Yaki. This hair made for a wonderful blend because you can't really tell where the client hair ends and the artificial hair begins. If you think that Tree braids may be something that you may want to try please email me at


At July 31, 2007 at 8:30 PM , Blogger Litegrl said...

How far back did you go to start the braiding? It looks very nice. You can't see the knots/rows...that is what I've been looking for! Too bad you're so far away!


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