How to do a Straw set

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Well I know that tree braids are slowly becoming more and more popular so I was thinking of different ways to wear the hair once you get the tree braids done. So I found a video on You Tube from a user called "curlyheadedgirl " that shows you how to do a straw set . This is a wonderful style for you to do if you have straight human hair tree braids. If you are tired of having your hair straight then I suggest you switch it up and put some curls in your hair! People will think that you just got your hair done! I hope that you enjoy the clip and that you learn something from it because I sure did! The only thing that I would suggest if you have straight hair would be to use a setting lotion before you apply the straws and to let your hair dry before you remove the straws!!! The young lady in the video had natural hair and so there was less need to wait for the hair to dry but if you have straight hair please please let it completely dry or you will be gravely disappointed!


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