How do you style the Brandy Pro 10 hair?

Sensationnel pro 10 Hair by Brandy. Ultima Pro10 Hair By Brandy, Ultima hair by Brandy, Ultima hair, Pro 10. Pro10. Brandy Pro 10. Brandy Hair. Brandy Pro 10. Sensationnel Pro 10. Pro 10 Brandy Hair. Pro 10 hair developed by Brandy Hair. Pro 10 is low maintainence hair, superior quality, long lasting styles. Pro 10 Loose Body Wave, Pro 10 Bohemian Curl, Pro 10 Deep Wave Weaving, Pro 10 French Deep Weave, Pro 10 Spanish Wave, Pro 10 Spanish Curl, Pro 10 Ripple Deep Wave Weave, Pro 10 Yaki/Yaky Straight Weave, Brandy Pro10 Braiding style are also available. Sensationnel Pro 10 Ripple Wave Bulk, Pro10 Yaki Bulk, are the newest collection to Brandy Hair line. Ask for it by name. Pro 10 Hair, Sensationnel Pro10 Hair, Brandy Hair, Brandy Pro 10 Hair. Try Pro 10 Hair Today. Pro 10 made with Ultima The Pro 10 Promise: 1. Easy Wash and Restore for a great look and healthy scalp 2. Revitatize and Refresh for a lasting appearance 3. Tangle Free for styling ease 4. Itch Free for 24 hour comfort 5. Thin Weft for a track free appearance 6. Non-shedding for carefree styling 7. Longer Lengths for the styles you want 8. Easy Curling for quick restyling 9. Longer Lasting for durable use 10. Natural Look for a style that looks like you. WVG=Weaving BULK=BraidingWell for all of you out I am beginning to really feel this Brandy Pro 10 hair! At first I was a sceptic but now I ma really feeling it! I have used it on several of my clients who didn’t want to spend all that money on Human hair but still wanted the option of being able to curl the hair. Well I think that I have found the answer for all you sistahs out there! Look at what it can do!!!


At October 5, 2008 at 4:23 PM , Blogger kimikai14 said...

Hahahaha, Kristen you know I am sooo down with Brandy Pro-10 hair! It is so much less of a pain that any hair that I've used--it will definitely be back to 100% Pro-10 in my hair next time:)

Kristen is the bomb yall!



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