So what are individual tree braids/lacing

Question from a glorious reader of my blog!
Delma wrote:

"Hello... I was wondering if you had the time, could you give me a brief description if what lacing braids are? Or the process?"

Kristen Lock's answer:

Well lacing is just like micro braids however you pull a little hair out of the braid. So you attach the artificial hair and braid down a few strokes and then you pull some hair out of the braid. Then you braid down about 2 strokes and then you braid a bit more. You continue this pattern until you have the desired amount of hair out of the braid. Then you braid down to the end of the clients hair and close the braid by tying it or sealing it with glue. I hope this helps you!

Delma wrote:

Thank you very much..But I guess I'm still a little confused. I guess a better question would be what is the benefit of getting lacing apposed to micros? Does it require less time?

Kristen Lock's answer:

No it takes a little longer but it gives the appearance of a full weave from far away. You can style the hair in ways that you can't do with


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